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            What is DC Fan ?

            Date: 2014-9-28   Click: 1166 Times

            DC Fan can been found in the XINGDONGYU website.
            Shenzhen Xingdongyu electronic co.,ltd. is a professional manufacturer which produces and develops DC Fan, cross-flow fan, blowers and motors; with 800k units of monthly production capability. The products are used for cooling and ventilation on equipment, such as PC, power, electric appliance, welding machine, SPS, auto accessories and so on.
            We own two trademarks:  “D-FAN” for fan products and “DOSENSE” for motors.
            ADD:Block B,Hongwan 2nd industrial zone,Gushu Village,Xixiang Town,Shenzhen,China.TEL:86-755-29632739,FAX:86-755-29646416,WEB: www.roselandgov.org/eng/.

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