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            Quality guaranteed Micro Cooling Fan

            Date: 2015-8-29   Click: 1249 Times

            There Certification: When consumers buy "Micro Cooling Fan", to look at the instructions to see if the mandatory certification quality system certification, whether there is inspection standards
            certification; and now promote "green carbon", depends on whether the energy efficiency standards at the national level.Noise: "Micro Cooling Fan" making noise of the main components of the motor, in the selection of fan must listen whether the noise when the motor is running, to see it in operation whether jitter is stable; good motor let you in quiet environment, only to hear the wind, "whispers", ultra-quiet fan blowing air is good.No odor: odor is the smell of varnish coating "Micro Cooling Fan" on the copper produced at the time of the operation, in the purchase of fans have to smell it, to see this paint is environmentally friendly, whether through quality testing, so that You enjoy the cool air in the fresh air.Electrical Safety: Safety requirements for electric fans, the national standards set forth in a very detailed, consumers can be a simple test. Qualified fan, general adult fingers can not touch the fan grille and front, families with young children should choose dense fan grille.

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