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            Widespread adoption of Waterproof Cooling Fan

            Date: 2015-8-29   Click: 1182 Times

            "Waterproof Cooling Fan" is mainly used for dry-type transformer cooling capacity increase and cool-down electronic equipment, power distribution cabinets, high and low voltage switchgear and other products and so on. Use this series cooling fan can increase the output power of 40-50% dry-type transformers, which can greatly improve the carrying capacity of dry-type transformers, and extend the life of dry-type transformers are widely used by domestic and foreign manufacturers the most cost-effective the way. "Waterproof Cooling Fan" when used in dry-type transformers, fans placed on both sides of the lower portion of the transformer coil, "Waterproof Cooling Fan" the cold wind blowing directly transformer coil high and low pressure cooling duct, cooling effect is obvious, can guarantee the normal transformer run and extend its life. (Fan open, stop and transformer over-temperature alarm, over-temperature trip provided with temperature control and other functions).

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