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            Milestones in XINGDONGYU

            In 2006, The company set up a factory in Shenzhen, focusing on the development, manufacturing and sales of brushless DC fans and motors;

            In 2008, Set up Korea office, began to enter the foreign market;

            In 2009, Through the Audit factory of Samsung Electronics in South Korea, to achieve long-term cooperation;

            In 2010, The establishment of a Hong Kong company: Erfeng (Hong Kong) international Limited, more convenient to explore overseas markets; In the same year, we reached long-term cooperation with Konka and Hanwang Group;

            In 2011, Through ISO9001, CE and UL certification, in the same year, the South Korean market expanded, and South Korea LG Electronics, South Korea Fuqua rice cookers reached cooperation;

            In 2013, Increase production line of AC/EC fans and obtain UL certification of AC fans; In the same year, the South Korean market further developed and expanded, supplying large customers such as Hyundai Motor, Kia Motors, Dairim and Daewon Intelligence;

            In 2015, The company expanded its business and moved to Dongguan city with an independent industrial park. The monthly production capacity increased to 800,000 units and passed TUV product safety certification;

            In 2016, The company expanded its customer base and began to enter the high-end medical equipment industry, reaching cooperation with Agfa Medical equipment manufacturer in Germany. Passed ISO14001 environmental protection system certification in the same year;

            In 2017, The company added three automatic finished product production lines and nearly ten semi-finished product automation equipment, the monthly production capacity exceeded 1 million, the same year supply to Johnson & Johnson of the United States;

            In 2018, Established cooperative relationship with changhong Electronics and other well-known enterprises;

            In 2019, The company has won the title of national High-tech enterprise, obtained 10 invention patents and 10 utility model patents, the total sales of 80 million yuan;

            In 2020, The company continues to improve the production and management system, sales have exceeded 100 million.


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