The Roseland Miracle Responses

Miracle on US 31 North - orginal poem by Cydni Raven
Da Plane Da Plane - original poem by Pat Catanzarite

Images of a Miracle - South Bend Tribune article
Plane makes emergency landing on street - Indianapolis Star article
Emergency landing on a busy street - CNN article
Roseland Town Council is requesting your response to the Roseland miracle! Photo, poem, art work... and prose... share your response to our miracle.

Police Department

Chief D. Michael Swanson - Town Marshal
     Police Personnel Page
    Roseland seeks Police Funds from Innkeepers Tax

Town Council

Charley Shields - President
Director Town Maintenance

Dorothy Snyder - Vice-President
Director Public Health & Safety

David Snyder - Member
Director of Community Development

Town Clerk Treasurer

Cheryl Gridley - Clerk-Treasurer

  •  Agendas - coming soon!
  • Minutes - coming soon!
  • Ordinances - coming soon!

    Ella Riffel - Deputy Clerk Treasurer


Town Attorney
   Glenn Duncan
Zoning Commissioner
   K.C. Pocius
Maintenance Department
   Scott Sherry


Roseland Park Board
  Peggy Barber -  President
  Don Sporleder - Secretary
  Phil Haney - Member
  Mike Schalk- Vice-President

  Glen Klopenstein - Groundsperson


Other Roseland connections:
Clay Fire Territory
--Tim Schabbel , Fire Chief 
Roseland Rotary Club

Roseland business links:
Big C Lumber
Chamber of Commerce of St Joseph County
Roseland Technological Center


  of Roseland

200 Independence Dr
Roseland, Indiana  46637

Voice:  (574) 272-6485
Fax: (574) 968-1424

Population (1990 ): 706
2000 census uncorrected
New York Lawyers
New York Florists
Located North of South Bend
and bordered by 
the University of Notre Dame
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Indian Village, the Indiana Toll Road 
South Bend Exit 
and Clay Township.

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  Indiana 46637
(574) 272-6485

last updated December 2004